Avocado Injuries…

Today’s Workout:

Ran on TM: 6.50 mi/60 min

This morning I woke up in a lot of pain because…. well last night I cut my hand open slicing an avocado. It was numb last night so I didn’t think much of it, but this morning there was no mercy. ( sorry for the picture, if stuff like this makes you sick easily 😦 )


On a better note, my run felt great today! It was an easy pace and my legs and lungs were loving it! I wish I would have kept going, but I could just feel the blood trying to get through my stitches so I stopped. Besides that small detail- I feel like I am starting to get (a little bit) faster and gain more endurance. The more I run, the more I love it!
( just another ‘selfie’ … sorry bout it…)

I made oatmeal with banana in it for breakfast this morning and spent some time reading from the Good Book. It is always nice to be able to just take a break from the business of life and just talk with the Lord. I read from Hebrews 6- I really liked verse 19 where is says that ‘we have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure’. My hope is in Christ!

A Sunday Treat

Today’s Workout:

Ran on TM: 3.50 miles/ 30 min
1.0 incline
Ab complex:
3 rounds of-
1 min. plank
45 sec. flutter kicks
30 straight legged crunches
20 sit ups
15×2 russian twists
10 leg raises
5 push ups (because i’m weak)

I wore my new Brooks Pure Cadence running shoes to the gym today. I LOVE THEM! They were great. I did a short run just to try them out and it felt great! I love getting new running gear because it makes me even more excited to go out and run! I really do think that it’s true: when I feel good in what I am wearing, I perform better (personal opinion). After my run, I decided to do an ab work out that my future hubs gave me the other day. He is so great at creating little CT workouts for me to do. If I didn’t have him all I would do is run run run. I did it at my own pace but I think next time I do this workout I will do it for time. Nothing like a new challenge!

(I guess I should take workout advice from him- he is such a STUD!)

I went to Barnes and Noble to do some work so I decided that I should treat myself to a little sugary delight!

i’m not going to lie though, I felt guilty after I finished eating it. That always happens to me- I crave something sweet and I get it, then I immediately wish I didn’t. I always feel better when i’m eating healthy, but it’s important to splurge a little bit every now and then!… Right?!

Packages Galore

Today’s Workout:
Ran on TM: 6.00 miles/ 57 min.
Ran outside: 4:00 miles/ 32:47 min

My plan was to do a long run outside today but when I woke up it was FREEZING outside. So instead I just went to the gym and did a 6 mile run. When I left the gym the day had gone from freezing to absolutely beautiful running weather. I didn’t want to let that go to waste so I did a few more miles. I felt good afterwards. I wish it was all outside, but i’ll take what I can get. I am really trying to work on my speed and endurance lately. It is fun to learn new things about my running and what works for me! And it is so cool to see new results along the way! I am so thankful I get to RUN!

Taking a 'selfie' pic...post workout

Taking a ‘selfie’ pic…post workout

Today was a wedding planning kind of day. I went downtown with one of my friends/bridesmaids to look for old vintage decorations.There are so many fun stores to wonder around it! We found a great vintage door for the seating keys to be hung on! Great price too! I just need to touch it up a bit and it is good to go.

The farmers market was open downtown

The farmers market was open downtown

ALSO- I got packages today! My (almost) in-laws sent me a Valentines Day care package. So SWEET! They know me so well! I love me some nut butter!

I also received my new Brooks PureCadence running shoes! I haven’t ran in them yet, but when I do I will let you know how I like them!

How was your Saturday!?

Learning to do it RIGHT

Today’s Workout:

Rest day

I’ve learned that Friday’s are my perfect rest days because it gives me fresh legs for my Saturday long runs! Sometimes I try to fit in a core workout or a class but I can feel it the next day. So I am going to play it safe today and just rest….
This is my “i have to rest today” face…. 😦

I figured I should do something productive for my training so I decided to do some reading today in Hal Higdon’s book Marathon . So far it is a great read for me because I am training for my FIRST marathon.

Here are 10 Marathon Truths from his book that may be helpful if you are planning on running a marathon or have already accomplished the marathon.

Learn to do it right by following this advice:

1.) Progressively longer runs guarantee success.
the purpose of training is to break the body down so it will rebuild itself stronger than before
2.)Rest days help keep you healthy
This is a hard one for a lot of runners to put into action.
3.) Take one step back to take two steps forward
Regularly scheduled step-back weeks make is possible to survive the stress load that is part of the high mileage necessary for successful marathon training.
4.)Speed training serves as a double-edged sword.
Elite runners can spend more time working on their speed and flexibility but beginners are more focused on gaining endurance.
5.)Learning pace and learning to race are critical.
Running occasional races will help you test your limits and determine your approximate marathon pace.
6.)Consistency counts in the long runs
Consistency with a purpose is critical to success in the marathon.
7.) Do not overlook good nutrition
If you make poor food choices you compromise your ability to train hard- or even to train easy.
8.)Practice everything connected with the marathon
Make your mistakes in in workouts or unimportant races, so that you can make corrections for marathon day.
9.) Tapering is both an art and a science
Tapering not only permits the healing of any damaged or fatigued muscles but also promotes maximum glycogen storage. Arrive at the starting line rested and ready to go.
10.) Without motivation you never will succeed.
If you are not focused on being a success, you will not be successful.

Hal Higdon says “Runners willing to train properly, taking careful note of the 10 truths listed in this chapter, will find that the marathon can be an experience that provides much more joy than pain.”

The book contains a lot more information on the 10 truths than what is posted above. As I train for my first marathon, I am continuously looking for advice on gaining mileage, learning my pace, eating healthier, etc. This book has been a great start. I am so excited to learn more and more through this training period.

Have you read any good books that have helped you with your first marathon?

New Pants

Today’s Workout:
Ran on Treadmill: 3.25 miles
Body Weight Circuit: x2
-20 ea. leg forward lunges
-30 crunches
-20 ea. leg backward lunges
-30×4 flutter kicks
-30 squats
-30 mountain climbers
-1 min wall sit


Heading to the gym this morning in my new Old Navy workout gear! Love these new spandex!

I absolutely hate running on the treadmill. I get SO BORED! I usually try to do my shorter runs or interval workouts on the treadmill if it is to cold outside for me! This morning was very cold so I hip up the gym. My legs were tight and tired today so I settled with a short run and a body weight workout. I am not very good at cross training but I hear it is necessary to make it through the long runs… 😦

After finishing the workout I just did some stretching and of course some people watching. There are so many different kinds of people at the gym, it is so entertaining.

Last night I made chicken with tomatoes, basil and feta cheese! it is so easy to make! I sided it with some asparagus glazed with honey!



And for lunch today…. LEFTOVERS! I made it into a wrap to switch it up a little bit!

Hope you enjoy your day!

Run Ranger Run

For the month of February I am participating in an event/pledge called Run Ranger Run. Run Ranger Run consists of a team of 10 people who pledge to run/walk/bike 585 miles in the month of February! How awesome is that! I teamed up with a bunch of guys from my Fiancés Company. It has only been 6 days and I am already loving it! I’ve also decided to compete with my Fiancé to see who could run the most miles in February- he is a better runner than I am, but I am more consistent-so this should be a close one! I’ll keep you updated on this 😉


Check out this site for more details on this pledge! http://www.runrangerrun.com/

Running Through the Woods

Todays Workout:
Ran 9.0 miles/ 1:21
Easy Pace
1 mile cool down walk

The weather was so beautiful today! It was 50 degrees and sunny. I decided to go to a flat trail about ten minutes from my house. It is such a great environment of runners and bikers. I am more motivated to run there than if I were to just walk out my front door and run. I am so thankful that the Lord has blessed me with the ability to run and enjoy His beautiful creation along the way!

9 miles of this. Such a blessing

9 miles of this. Such a blessing

post run pic

post run pic

This passion tea hit the spot after the run ( don't pay attention to my non-painted nails)

This passion tea hit the spot after the run ( don’t pay attention to my non-painted nails)

It begins…

I figured today would be a great day to start blogging since I am stuck inside due to this annoying sickness. I think the weather is really messing me up. The upside of this is that I get to use my foam roller! it’s been awhile since i’ve done that. Anyways, I am very excited to be able to talk about running, health, life, etc.! I have been a very dedicated follower of some really great, inspiring running blogs and healthy eating blogs so I have decided to start my own! Shout out to http://www.hungryrunnergirl.com/ for advice on starting this blog! My blog name is just the best thing that I could think of to describe me- i’m tiny ( petite) as in really short and little. But i’ve learned to love it!

My first half marathon!

My first half marathon!

My inspiration for running

My inspiration for running

Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it!